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This website is without prejudice

Welcome to our web site. The aim of this site is to save you your money. Investing in Cape Verde is a very risky business and waste of your money. There are countless sites on Cape Verde that have failed to deliver and investors have lost their deposits and much more in some instances. So be very very wary of investing your money here research every angle and then go and lie down in a dark room and wait for the feeling to invest here to go away !!The legal system of Cape Verde is on their side not yours its set against you in the contracts for sale. Nobody to date has won money back from legal action in Cape Verde so just don't do it!!!

We intend by social media and by only truthful means to Destroy Tecnicil's business model and any other developer that defrauds innocent people of their money and legal rights.

Visit the link above to the Macauhub and be amazed at how Self Righteous these Cape Verdeans are!??


Despite all our efforts to talk with the Cape Verde Government and the UK and Irish Governments we at last see in this article the reason for no respose. They all intend to ride over us ruff shod and push us to one side and continue to help the Cape Verdean Government and Cape Verdean businessess to attract more investment from other people who will undoubedtly suffer they same fate as many before them . In a nut shell its pointless investing in real esate in cape verde as the returns are not there. You can buy a holiday for as little as £500 all inclusive so how on earth you will get a return on a flat is beyond us. You have been warned dont waste you time or money on these islands that dont care what they do to you one bit.

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The letter below has been sent Several times in 2107 and recently in 2018 to the President of Cape Verde , Cape Verde TradeInvest (Ana Baber the head of this so called we will fix the problem) and the Financial department of the Cape Verde Government . To no ones surprise Jorge Carlos Fonseca or Ulisses Correia e Silva have made no effort to contact us regarding the letter which needs a reply. The president of CVTradeInvest Ana Lima Barber, or her office colleagues Nuno Levy and Luis Aguilar have bothered to reply whilst the Finance director Jacqueline Borges Ramos has made no reply either, after having mistaken our group for CVtradeinvest a department of her own Government.


Its our opinion that these people whom are in receipt of EU grants don't care what is said or thought of Cape Verde and it's international image, we intend to Highlight their failings in every social media we have running. They ignore the Agreements they have made with the EU and cynically continue to take EU grants from under the noses of EU buffoons. 

Dear Sir,

I am a  private investors whom has invested in the site known as Vila Verde resort on the island of Sal. My investment was made with the Cape Verdean registered company Tecnicil, in 2006 by an amount of €132000 and ongoing legal expenses as a deposit on two apartments in Vila Verde.

As you are no doubt aware, the delivery of many apartments were grossly overdue, mine in particular by over 600 days each. You will also be aware that legal action was taken through arbitration to regain my deposit from Tecnicil but this action was lost because of a technicality and is no the subject of a Supreme court hearing which is yet to take place

The fact that a large number of people have invested in this project and have received nothing for that investment can only serve to harm the prospects of future investment and development of other resorts within the Cape Verde archipelago. This in itself would be a tragedy for the archipelago.

 Future investment in Cape Verde is likely going to be derived from external or foreign investment sources, much of it, from countries in the EU, which I am lead to believe, Cape Verde is actively canvassing for investment monies.

Chapter 7 of Title II of the Cotonou Agreement, including Articles 75 and 77, needs to be interpreted in the context of Article 74 which explicitly states that strategies and policies to develop private sector investment, as described in the Agreement, shall be supported through financial and technical assistance. It sets out a specific area for financial cooperation between Cape Verde and the EU and contains elements of the strategies and policies that shall be developed and supported. 

Article 75 in particular remains rather broad as it clearly states that measures shall be taken within each country’s respective competencies. Article 77 on investment guarantees describes a possible form of financial assistance that could be provided. Whether or not such assistance is to be provided has to be negotiated on a case by case basis with the ACP country.

Therefore, I would request that you review my investment in the context of the Contonou Agreement and can come to some arrangement with me that is in line with this agreement for which Cape Verde is a party to with the EU and member states. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible





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